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Player Interview : Dorsey Norris

Brady and RosterGuy recently had a chance to speak to former North Alabama safety Dorsey Norris.

Brady Spegal Brady Spegal
7 minutes

2019 NFL Draft Grades

Post-draft grades for all 32 teams.

RosterGuy RosterGuy
16 minutes

Post-draft, 2019 Unorthodox Predictions

A look at some predictions that aren’t your typical “Rookies of the Year” forecasting.

Eric Seaman Eric Seaman
8 minutes

2019 NFL Draft: Indianapolis Colts Day 3 Recap

A look at each individual Day 3 selection by Indianapolis

Nick Melillo Nick Melillo
10 minutes

A Busy Day Two

Day two of the NFL Draft and the Indianapolis Colts were VERY busy.

Sam Sinclair Sam Sinclair
13 minutes

Draft Reaction: Day 1 Recap, Day 2 Primer

Thomas highlights the most noteworthy non-QB picks. And, provides a few of the best remaining options at each position.

Thomas Ringgaard Thomas Ringgaard
10 minutes