Draft Breakdown: David Sills

By Thomas Ringgaard |
Draft Breakdown: David Sills

David Sills: Wide receiver, West Virginia University

Conference: Big 12

Measurables: 6'4, 205 lbs

Season stats:
2017: 60 catches, 980 yards, 18 TDs
2018: 65 catches, 986 yards, 15 TDs


  • Route running: David really caught my eye in terms of route running. He has a very polished route tree, consistently creating separation from DBs with violent arms and convincing double move-ish head or hip movement to one side then breaking the route. He displays some explosive cuts, especially on zig routes and curls.
  • Catching: Uses his body well to overman DBs especially on end zone fades or 50-50 jump balls. Is a hands catcher, meaning he doesn't rely on getting his entire body in front of the ball. Has very good positioning and adjusts according to the DB well.  This made him a nightmare in the red zone, as well as drawing plenty of pass intereference calls, as DBs simply were out-matched. Combining his skills of getting his way on end zone fades makes the DBs respect the outside, which he abuses nicely by giving outside looks, then breaking on slants for easy touchdowns repetitively. Displays a natural NFL-ready ability to drag both feet in-bounds. Does well against contested catches with excellent concentration, doesn't overthink making catches in traffic. 
  • Blocking: The most violent blocker you will find in this draft. He shows everything you want to see; attacking hands, holds on, tight hips after contact, and moves the feet. Has an awesome bully instinct of driving the DB into the turf. Will be valued in schemes involving screens. 


  • Drops: Had some bad drops on uncontested targets in multiple games. While he makes up for it by making several contested cathces, it's something teams are going to notice and will affect his stock.
  • Speed and acceleration: A lot of scouts knock Sills because of his speed. While he doesn't possess elite speed or agility, he displays vertical threat abilities in almost every game.  This is partially because of his ability to elevate over the DB, combined with good route running. Average get off at best. Takes 5 yards to get in stride.
  • Elusiveness: Limited in ability to break tackles in open field and balance at the point of contact. Doesn't consistently make people miss, but has displayed some YAC ability from time to time.


  • David is a tall, talented receiver who runs good routes and consistently makes tough catches. He is a competitor all the way and easy to like. His ability to run routes will compensate for his lack of speed and will be a red zone nightmare in the NFL. If he shows good speed and acceleration at the combine he will shoot up through the big boards. 

Grade: 2nd round. 

Pro comparison: Jordan Matthews

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