Draft Breakdown: Marquise "Hollywood" Brown

By Thomas Ringgaard |
Draft Breakdown: Marquise "Hollywood" Brown

Marquise Brown, Wide receiver, Oklahoma

Conference: Big 12

Measurables: 5'10, 168 lbs

Career stats:

2017: 57 catches, 1095 yards, 7 TDs
2018: 75 catches, 1318 yards, 10 TDs


  • Big play ability: Brown is a super athlete with quick feet, a lightning fast cut, and speed to score on every play from anywhere on the field. It really doesn't matter if its a drag, slant, quick out, deep post, or a straight vertical route - he can make 1 guy miss and beat the rest with speed. 
  • Route running: This one is extremely important. Whenever you have a guy like Marquise, who can pretty much rely on speed in college, you want to make sure he can actually stay true to route running technique. He checks most boxes off when I watch him play. Brown has quick feet at the LOS, explosive hip bend, and violent arms.  He gives small but effective looks to the DB often creating a small hip turn or false step to get ahead. Although he is naturally susceptible to mismatches against press, he often works the DB nicely with fake moves and quickness. 
  • Versatility: Can play both slot AND outside, again referring to his ability to run routes smoothly. He is not limited to being a gimmick player who has to have a play designed to get him the ball.  


  • Size: Very small stature, which will make him prone to head injuries by being swung down.  And, big hits whenever someone holds him up. 
  • Catching: He is not a natural hands catcher and relies too much on getting his entire body behind the ball when making a catch. Has below average tracking, which hurt him on deep passes, where he loses track of the ball and ends up failing to pick up a 60-yard gain despite beating the DB badly. 
  • Below average blocker: Obviously a team is not gonna expect a player like Marquise to make a huge impact on screens given his stature.


  • Final Thoughts: Brown is a super fast athlete who runs routes well enough to contribute on every down.  Not just as a gimmick player. Teams love this type of speed and if he gets more consistency with his ability to track the ball downfield and make contested catches, he will become a star.
  • Grade: 1st round
  • Pro comparison: DeSean Jackson

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