Draft Profile/Interview: Dax Raymond

By Brady Spegal |
Draft Profile/Interview: Dax Raymond

Our 2019 NFL Draft prospect coverage continues with Utah State tight-end, Dax Raymond.  It was a pleasure speaking with Dax.  Enjoy my interview with him below.  And, as always, make sure to follow Dax on Twitter @dax_raymond and tell us what you think of Dax in the comment section down below.


Question:  Could you give us a little background info on yourself?

Dax Raymond:  “I’m a pretty standard American kid. Grew up doing lots of outdoor stuff in Utah like hiking, camping, snowboarding, mountain biking and of course lots of sports. I did scouting and earned my Eagle which is the highest rank.  And, I also love to play the piano. I served a two year mission in Eastern Russia for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints and I learned to speak Russian when I was 18. I have a deep faith that helps sustain me and encourages me to help others."

Q: Where did you grow up?

DR: "In Provo, UT about 40 minutes south of Salt Lake City. My home was a few minutes from BYU. It was a great place to grow up. My dad did travel us a lot to places like New York City and Venice Beach, CA so we could experience a little variety in life. We played a lot of pick up basketball in those places. And we’d love going to the flea markets. We loved that kind of stuff more than the Disney trips."

Q: Who have been some of the greatest mentors in your football career?

DR: "All of my coaches from little league to high school like Louis Wong, Chad Van Orden.  And then, people I’ve watched over at BYU like Lavell Edwards and Chad Lewis. I should mention that our next door neighbor was BYU's head coach, Gary Crowton, and he inspired me as well."

Q: Were you highly recruited out of HS?

DR: "I missed my Junior year with an injury so I fell off the recruiting radar a bit. I changed position from QB to receiver my senior year and really loved it. I set the Utah state record for receiving touchdowns that year but by that time I think my perfect window for recruiting had passed. I got a lot of looks and invites late but Utah State was my only D1 full offer. They were great to me and made me feel like they really landed someone special."

Q: If you weren’t playing football what would you be doing right now?

DR: "I’d be in the NBA! Only wishing. I love basketball and that would have been a dream like, hopefully, this NFL opportunity may be if I continue to work hard. I’d probably be looking for a job as a counselor, coach or possibly entrepreneurship of some kind. I enjoy working with kids and love seeing them grow and achieve. I hope someday to be able to not worry about making a living doing it but being able just to give my time and resources to build up youth in positive ways."

Q: What do you hope to show scouts at the Combine?

DR: "That’s tough because the Combine is about stats and numbers. I’m not going to light the place on fire.  But, I hope to show that I’m a gamer and have intangibles that will provide results and in turn help bring wins. I felt like at Utah State if I didn’t have a huge stat game I helped lift the team some other way.  By knocking someone on their butt, blocking down field, and playing through the whistle.  Instilling a sense of brotherhood that I’ve got your back and I’ll fight for every play. The little things that add up to big things. It’s hard to show your heart when they are only looking at a stopwatch, but I hope to get that across at the combine as well as put up respectable numbers. It should be fun. It’s a childhood dream I’m blessed to be living!"


Dax Raymond, Tight End, Utah State

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Measurables: 6'5 250lbs

Honors: Phil Steele Third-Team All-Mountain West (2017); Honorable Mention All-Mountain West (2017); Academic All-Mountain West (2017)

Career Statistics:

2015: 5 games, 4 rec, 72 yards

2017: 12 games, 41 rec, 456 yards, 1 TDs

2018: 10 games, 27 rec, 345 yards, 2 TDs



  • I believe Dax is a really underrated blocker.  In fact, he may be one of the best blocking tight ends in this draft. I love how he finishes his blocks, seemingly never giving up on a play until he hears a whistle.
  • I also love Dax's ability to run after the catch.
  • Raymond is a natural hands catcher.  Catches passes away from his body effortlessly.
  • Natural athlete.  Will smoothly make the catch in stride and immediately continue up field.


  • Coming from a smaller school there are competition concerns which may factor into his draft stock.
  • Extremely talent, but still a little raw. Technique breaks down occasionally when engaging blocks. And, some routes aren't as polished.  For example, when running picks across the middle.
  • Missed the entire 2016 season due to injury.


  • Final Thoughts: It was an honor speaking with Dax! I truly believe Dax has the skill set to be an every-down tight end at the next level. Dax's propensity to finish blocks combined with his dynamic catching ability will be an asset for whichever NFL team drafts him. Good luck at the 2019 Combine in Indianapolis, Dax! We here at RosterGuy can't wait to hear your name called during the Draft.
  • Grade: 4th - 5th Round
  • Pro Comparison: Zach Ertz


Leave Dax some comments down below.  Let us know where you think he'll get drafted.

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