Draft Profile: Hakeem Butler

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Draft Profile: Hakeem Butler

I'm an Iowan.  There, I said it. I grew up in a state with barely three million residents.  However, my beloved home state is also home to 23 million pigs. Yes, you read that right, 23 million hogs. These aren't the cute and cuddly kind you see in Charlotte's web either.  They're big bruting hogs that if provoked could beat the living shit out of you.

In addition to all that pork, Iowa is home to two Division-I FBS schools. The University of Iowa and Iowa State University. Now, I am from Iowa City, Iowa. Iowa City happens to be the home of the University of Iowa. I grew up detesting "the team out West". ISU is like if you rounded up all of the kids who wanted to be engineers or science and agriculture majors in Iowa and put them all in one convenient place. You'd think that'd be super cool and would be a great place to live, right? Wrong. But guess what? They're all nerds or rednecks. (I can say that because I'm a redneck from Iowa. You can't.)

I've never heard in my 20 years on God's green Earth that (L)Ames, Iowa is a good place to be. And for most of my life I can remember Iowa put's little brother in his place. However, with ISU's new hotshot young coach, that might be changing. It hasn't yet but the culture is changing, and I have full confidence ISU will right the ship. Now, on to the profile.

Hakeem Butler: Wide Receiver, Iowa State University

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Measurables: 6'6 220 Pounds

Career Statistics (per Sports Reference CFB): In 34 career games Butler totaled 110 receptions for 2149 yards and 18 touchdowns. 

Honors: Second-Team All-American – The Athletic, College Football News (2018), State Farm All-Star Football Challenge (2019), All-Bowl Team – USA Today (2018), First-Team All-Big 12 – ESPN (2018), Second-Team All-Big 12 – Coaches, AP (2018), Biletnikoff Award Watch List (2018), Tyler Rose Award Semifinalist (2018), HM All-Big 12 – Coaches (2017)


  • Size; Butler is an absolute giant. Towering over defensive backs at 6'6, Butler is a long receiver who would absolutely dominate in the red zone. Butler uses his size to bully smaller defensive backs and that, coupled with his solid frame and incredible physique, and Butler could be an absolute match-up nightmare.
  • Contested Catching Ability; This is far and away the best attribute that Butler brings to the table. He is a ridiculous jumper and when you couple that with Butler's strong hands and ability to take a hit, you can get plays like this.
  • Speed; Butler isn't a true burner, but he's got enough speed to take the top of the defense and force them to respect it.  If Butler could do this at the next level he would create mismatches all over the field, not to mention he would command double teams. He won't run a 4.2 like John Ross but make no mistake, Butler has got some speed.


  • Agility; It's not that Butler struggles to make cuts, but has a tendency to struggle with comeback and curl routes when he needs to come back to the ball. Butler can occasionally have sloppy footwork on double moves. It hasn't hurt him yet but if he dances and gets sloppy at the next level he could struggle early and often against NFL defenses.

Scheme Fit: Butler is a plug and play X receiver. His size is ideal for the position and could be a starter day-1. Butler is a freak athlete who would demand teams best to stop him. 

Final Thoughts: Butler would be a great day 2 addition to the Colts locker room. Beloved by teammates at Iowa State and an absolute stud athlete, Butler would be the perfect Yin to T.Y. Hiltons Yang. Adding another tool to Andrew Luck's toolbox and the Colts offense could become a true juggernaut. I could see the Colts taking Butler with one of their second-round picks.  And, if taken there Butler, would truly be a bargain at a position the Colts have desperately tried to fill for years.  If the Colts do take Butler he'll be a mainstay for years to come. 

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