Draft Profile/Interview: Evan Worthington

By Brady Spegal |
Draft Profile/Interview: Evan Worthington

Evan Worthington, S, Colorado

Measurables: 6'2 212lbs 

Combine Results:

  • Arms: 32 3/4"
  • Hands: 9 1/2" 
  • 40 Yard Dash: 4.63
  • Bench Reps: 17
  • Vertical 33.5"
  • Broad Jump 121.0" 

Career Statistics: 128 total tackles, 10 TFL's, 2 Sacks, 4 Ints, 1FR, 1FF. 3 Star Prospect Per 247Sports

I'd like to personally thank Evan for taking the time to speak with me and I wish him the best of luck on draft night! It was an honor and I look forward to watching you next season!

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Fun Fact! Evan started his collegiate career with the last name "White" So, you may remember him as "Evan White" as well. 


Question: How did you get into playing football? Could you give us a little background on yourself as well? 

Evan Worthington: "I started playing flag football when I was about 6 years old and have been loving the game ever since. I grew up in Aurora, Colorado and went to Cherokee Trail High School and now I have a two-year-old son. He and his mom are living with me up in Seattle where I’m training at. But, what made me choose Colorado was the fact that it was my home state team. And, they were the school that helped me out the most academic wise and constantly kept in contact with me ."

Q: Who's one of the toughest players you've faced in your career and/or most talented? 

EW: "The toughest player I faced was Shaq Thompson during my true freshman year."

Q: If you weren't preparing for the NFL Draft right now what would you be doing? (Career wise) 

EW: "If I wasn’t pursuing a professional football career I’d be either coaching football or doing something that involves the sport."

Q: What do you hope to show NFL Scouts, GM's and Coaches at the Combine? 

EW: "At the Combine, I hope to show scouts that I’m faster than they think and that I am very athletic."

Q: What does Evan Worthington bring to an NFL roster on and off the field? 

EW: "What I bring to an NFL team is being a very versatile player and can play many positions on the field. Off the field, I would like to participate and help the youth with football camps or whatever activity that they want to do."

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  • Hips: Evan has really good motion in his hips which is very important for a player of his position. Speaking of his position, I believe Evan has the ability to play either safety position.
  • Physical: Evan's a bigger physical type of safety who should excel at breaking up the pass at the next level.
  • Ball Skills: Amazing at tracking the ball. However, Evan needs to work to get himself in those positions more to be able to make those plays. 



  • Angles: After watching multiple games Evan played in I could easily see multiple plays where he got beat where if he would have just taken a slightly better angle he would have made the interception. Don't worry, this is something that can be coached! 
  • Suspension: Evan was dismissed from the Colorado football team for a year. But, was allowed to return to the team. (Seems to have learned from this mistake) 



  • Final Thoughts: I believe Evan is a really talented safety who will have a long NFL career. I think the ideal situation for Evan would be to sit behind a veteran safety for a year and learn the game from an NFL standpoint. His lengthy frame is ideal for his position and his ball skills are something that NFL GM's are going to fall in love with for years. Thanks again Evan! Best of luck to you on draft night! 
  • Grade: 5th-6th Round
  • Pro Comparison: Clayton Geathers. While Worthington may not be the hard hitter Geathers is their measurables are very similar.

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