Draft Profile/Interview: James "Boobie" Williams

By Brady Spegal |
Draft Profile/Interview: James "Boobie" Williams

We've had the extreme pleasure recently to speak with some phenomenal 2019 NFL Draft prospects.  Few embody that description better than Washington State's, Boobie Williams.  Williams will be putting his physical talents on display in just a week from now at the 2019 NFL Combine in Lucas Oil Stadium.  I would like to thank James for his time and the opportunity to talk with him!  You will be hearing his name very soon on Sunday's. Follow James on Twitter @boobiewilliams2 and watch his journey to the draft!

"Among running backs at the FBS level, nobody had more receptions than Williams, who finished the year with a career-high 81 catches." - Spokesman.com


Question: You were highly regarded as a “pass catching” back in school. Do you see that as your specialty or do you believe you can be an every down type of back given the chance?

James Williams: "Yes.  I think that pass catching is one of my specialties. I take pride in catching the ball and to me it’s just as important as running the ball. I believe that I can be an every down back but I didn’t have that opportunity at Washington State.  So, I’m hoping that I could be blessed enough to play that role in the NFL."

Q: Could you tell us a little about James Williams? Where did you grow up?  How did you get into football? Were you highly recruited out of high school?

JW: "I grew up in Toledo, Ohio in a very bad part of town. I’ve been playing football since I was 5 and always loved the game. I was a 3-star coming out of high school and was kind of overlooked and it put a chip on my shoulder.  I had to work work work for everything that has gotten my name out there and my school out there. I am someone that had a lot go on in my life.  But, never did I ever give up.  And, everything that I have ever wanted I had to work hard to get it. I'm a super outgoing guy and whoever has ever been around me would say that and I’m very genuine."

Q: Congratulations on the Combine invite! What are you hoping to show scouts the most during your trip to Indianapolis? 

JW: "Something I want to show scouts at the Combine is that I’m not coming into the Combine with no baggage at all.  And, that I am a reliable, hardworking, focused player. I also want to show the the kind of person that I am and just show them what I can do all around." 

Q: Who are some teammates/coaches that have helped shape you into the player you are today? 

JW: "The coaches that have helped shape me into the player that I am today are my high school coach, Coach Broussard, my college, coach Coach Mastro, and my Pop Warner coach, Don Ashaly. They have all taught me different things and made a huge impact on my life and in football."

Q:  What does James Williams bring to an NFL locker room/fan base off the field? 

JW: "Things that I bring to the locker room are being a great teammate and person on and off the field, and to always give my all every play. I will always make any organization look good and I will always represent any city that I am at in a great way."


James Williams, Running Back, Washington State

Conference: Pac-12

Measurables : 6'0 205 lbs

Hometown: Burbank, CA

Career Stats:

2016: 102 ATT 585 YDs 6 TDs, 48 REC 342 YDS 1 TD

2017: 92 ATT 395 YDs 1 TD, 71 REC 482 YDs 3 TDs

2018: 122 ATT 560 YDs 12 TDs, 83 REC 613 YDs 4 TDs



  • James is one of the best pass-catchers in this year's Draft.
  • Elusiveness: Players James' size aren't bruisers. But, where many players struggle with yards after contact Boobie consistently shakes arm tackles and eludes defenders.
  • Production: Williams put up "Star Wars numbers" as a receiver out of the backfield the past two seasons.  He will be a plug-and-play 3rd down back for whatever team drafts him.
  • Surprisingly, runs well between the tackles.  Boobie is not a gimmick player.  He demonstrates that he's not afraid to "bang" a little bit in the trenches and shows the same type of elusiveness in the hole.


  • Size: Williams is built more like a receiver than a running back. While not ideal, it won't derail his effectiveness at the next level. It just raises questions or concerns regarding durability and his ability to be play all 3 downs.
  • I would still like to see what James can do as an every-down back.  Unfortunately, he was not really given that opportunity during his collegiate career. 


  • Final thoughts: It was an honor to speak with James. Whichever team that drafts Boobie is going to be very happy with him on their 53-man roster next season. He adds an instant spark to any offense. I think he could also contribute on special teams as well, if needed right away.  James will most likely be undervalued due to his size and limited production as a rusher.  As such, RosterGuy is designating Boobie Williams one of our top Day 2-3 sleepers.
  • Grade: 4th-5th Round
  • Pro comparison: Theo Riddick


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