Draft Profile: Nasir Adderley

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Draft Profile: Nasir Adderley

Lions, Wolves, Tigers, Hawks, Jaguars, Panthers, Bears, Sharks, Killer Whales. What do all of these animals have in common? All of them are predators, and all of them have x-factors. Whether it be the packs or pods of wolves or killer whales. Incredible speed like hawks or jaguars. The strength of lions or bears, all of these animals are apex predators. Apex predators are defined by Merriam-Webster as "a predator at the top of a food chain that is not preyed upon by any other animal." By that definition, Nasir Adderley is an apex predator. 

Nasir Adderley, Safety, Delaware

(Credit-Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports)

Measurables: 6'0 206 Pounds

Statistics (per HeroSports.com): In 41 Career Games Adderley amassed 213 total tackles, 135 Solo stops, 78 assists, 31 passes defended and 10 Interceptions.

Honors: 2018 STATS All-American, 2018 second-team AP FCS All-American, 2017 & 2018 First Team all CAA


  • Explosiveness: If there's one thing that Nasir Adderley brings to the table it's physicality and a mean streak. While some safeties look to avoid contact, Adderley is a completely different breed. He looks to maul the ball carrier. Adderley might not have the size of a Clayton Geathers but he's absolutely got the spirit to come into the box and make a hit. Adderley not only uses that explosive frame to destroy ball carriers, but he's also not afraid to use his body as a missile and force incompletions in the passing game. Has an absolute mean streak, does not go onto the football field to make friends.
  • Ball-hawking: Adderley is an absolute stud in the passing game. He might be a smaller safety but make no mistakes, Adderley is an absolute ball-hawk with his sure hands and smooth hips in coverage. He's had 31 career passes defended and 10 picks. Adderley was a true center fielder for Delaware and forced opposing quarterbacks to question if they wanted to target him. While Adderley might not have freak athleticism to call on for his ball-hawking, he does have incredible instincts, 4 years of starting experience, and a football IQ which make him a menace for opposing quarterbacks to throw against.
  • Versatility: Adderley played both corner and safety while at Delaware and wasn't afraid to defend receivers in the slot. In addition to his slot defense, Adderley was a contributor to Delaware special teams and could be a dangerous returner if given the opportunity. While he might not be an elite special teamer, his versatility is second to none.



  • Tackling: While Adderley is a tremendously physical safety he does struggle with one aspect of tackling. He has a tendency to wrap and drag. He's always around the ball but can allow extra yards when he doesn't run his feet on tackles. When Adderley does run his feet the ball carrier is taken to the ground almost immediately but Adderley struggles to do that every time. He'll have to clean up his form if he wants to be elite at the next level. 
  • Competition: If you're good the NFL will find you. However, Adderley didn't play at the highest level of college football. He played a grade underneath it. It's always hard for rookies to adjust to the NFL but there could be growing pains for Adderley in his transition. 



  • Final Thoughts: Adderley is my kind of guy. An absolute beast whose just at home laying the wood in run support as he is in covering the middle of the field. Adderley is a stingy safety with versatility and length to match. Adderley is going to make an immediate improvement to whoever drafts him. And, whoever plays against Adderley twice a year better get the ice baths going now. Cause no one, and I mean no one is going to have it easy against Nasir Adderley.
  • Scheme Fit: In my opinion, Adderley is a true free safety, but with some time and patience Adderley could be an absolute stud strong safety. Adderley's versatility could allow him to break onto the field sooner rather than later. Tweener's in the NFL are hard to place but with Adderley's athleticism and ball skills, he could be a difference maker for the team that drafts him.
  • Grade: Overall Adderley is a late first round, early second round prospect. In a draft so deep at defensive talent, Adderley might fall through the cracks. Ideally, Adderley would be an amazing pickup with the 36th pick of the draft, but don't be surprised if a team drafts him in the 20's of the first round. With the way NFL offenses are headed, teams need all the help they can get to defend the pass.
  • Pro Comparison: Tyrann Mathieu

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