Draft Take: Dexter Lawrence a Possibility for Colts at Pick 26

By Ross A. Wheatley |
Draft Take: Dexter Lawrence a Possibility for Colts at Pick 26

The Indianapolis Colts have a few different positions they would like to improve over the off-season. In the draft, the Colts biggest needs are wide receiver and defensive line. Dexter Lawrence is a great option for the Colts if they decide they want to add a talented player to the defensive front.

He's a player who could still be available when the Colts make their selection with pick #26. NFL.com has Lawrence being picked 25th by the Eagles, CBS has him going to the Colts at 26, and Bleacher Report thinks he will be picked 20th by the Steelers. If Lawrence is still on the board when the Colts pick, expect Chris Ballard to strongly consider him.

Dexter Lawrence was a highly recruited 5 star player who played college football at Clemson. He played 3 years in college and made a huge impact for his team. Lawrence is a tough player who's greatest strength is his ability to stop the run.  He's not an elite pass rusher but is capable of bull rushing himself to the quarterback on occasions.  His freshman season he had 40 total tackles, 8.5 tackles for loss, 2 forced fumbles, and 6.5 sacks. His numbers weren't as great his next two years but he still had a great 3 years at Clemson. He finished with 131 career tackles, 18 tackles for loss, and 10 sacks. 

At 6'4, 351 pounds, Dexter Lawrence is an NFL ready player that will take up space and help any team's run defense. He is very hard to move around because of his size and power.  He also has quickness that you wouldn't expect from a guy as big as him. Lawrence is athletic, powerful, and can contribute a lot to a defense.

Darius Leonard could benefit from a guy like Lawrence because of his ability to eat up blocks and keep offensive linemen from getting to the second level of a defense. He would give Leonard more room to move around and make plays. Lawrence may not put up huge sack numbers when he's in the NFL but he will help the pass rush. He has shown the ability to bull rush his blocker back into the quarter back and if he has an opening he has a nice burst that allows him to create pressure.  He has the potential to add a lot of great things to a defense and is a first round talent. 

Dexter Lawrence seems like he would be a good fit the Colts and his toughness would fit with the culture that the organization wants to continue to build. The defensive tackles the Colts already have did a good job last year but could use a talented young player. Margus Hunt had a great year but he isn't young and isn't the long term solution (Editor's Note: Hunt is not under contract to the Colts for the 2019 season). Denico Autry is 28 and was a good signing by Ballard.  Autry and Lawrence would be a talented duo and should scare opposing offenses. If Dexter Lawrence is still available when it's the Colts turn to pick, he would be tough to pass on.


(Editor's Note: Lawrence was suspended for a failed drug test and did not appear on the Cotton Bowl)


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