Player Interview: Murray St. CB Nigel Walton

By Nick Melillo |
Player Interview: Murray St. CB Nigel Walton

First thank you to Nigel for taking the time to interview with me and share his story. Be sure to follow him on Twitter @Nigelwalton_4. Any 2020 football prospects who are looking to schedule an interview message myself @CircleCity21 or @RosterGuy on Twitter for more info.


Question: So Nigel, First if you could just tell us a little bit about yourself and how you started into football?

Nigel Walton: "I’m from Atlanta, Georgia. Started playing Football at the age of 5. Started playing basketball at the age of 8. I’ve been a year-round sports guy my whole life until I entered college. Went to Inman Middle School where I played organized school football 7th and 8th grade. Went to Grady High School and played my 9th and 10th grade season there. My 9th grade year at Grady formed me to be the player I am today."

Q: How did that year shape you as a player? 

NW: "My first football game at Grady High School, I gave up three deep balls. I was literally 'Mossed' and one of them ended up being a touchdown. I got blown up on a muffed sky kick-off return and I was seen crying on the sideline. I was devastated . I was calling my self 'sorry' and beating myself up over it. After that game all that I thought I was on the field vanished. A humbling experience to be honest. I ended up dressing out that season Varsity also after football. I didn’t end up playing any but the coaches believed in me."

RG: How did you respond to that adversity?

NW: "Entering my 10th grade year I was blessed with an opportunity with Sophomore corner back Jamond Glass injured, and that whole summer I was able to play and balling, making play after play. 

Sophomore season I balled but was triggered after being the reason my team didn’t get a shutout one game vs. North Springs. I gave up that touchdown. That was my only touchdown for the season. At times I will be honest, I was timid. I had no confidence and in my mind I’m like 'please don’t throw my way.' 

I ended up transferring after my sophomore football season to New Schools of Carver Atlanta.  A lot of us Grady players split up because word had got out that we were out of zone.  

Was I out of zone? Yes I was. 

It’s crazy because that sophomore season I scored the only points against Carver when Grady played them, and I scored it off a backwards dropped screen pass.  Next thing you know, I’m at Carver playing for them.

Going into my junior year at Carver, I became a force at corner back. They were trying to work me at safety but honestly my IQ wasn’t all the way there at the moment but when they put me at corner back, Boom! They saw what was up. Through my Carver career junior and senior year, I had given up a total of 2-3 career touchdowns in that span. 

I was being recruited by Georgia Tech heavily and Kentucky but I was small when I stepped on that scale I was 155 lbs. I was told to be #1 on GT and Kansas State corner list but I didn’t weigh enough. A 5’10 corner back with no weight. Who wants that?

I ended up putting on weight that whole recruiting process up to senior year but it was too late. I finished at 165 pounds my senior year."

Q: What offers did you have in high school?

NW: "I only had two offers in high school, Murray State and Bethune-Cookman University. 

I chose Murray State University. It has been nothing but great. Started six games as a true freshman and started one as a sophomore. My sophomore year was my slump year but my junior year I was back, and better than ever. I have given up only two career touchdowns as a corner back at Murray State. I gave up one my freshman year, and one my junior year. I had plenty of targets in my junior year. Every deep ball after deep ball kept coming my way and I made play after play. I'm truly blessed. I was, in my opinion, snubbed from All-Conference but I will be there soon, and also be an All-American my senior season."

Q: What are 3 words that describe your play style and what you bring to the turf?

NW: "3 words? Technique, Communicator, High IQ.

I bring a corner that can lock down man-to-man if needed. Very good at baiting QBs in zone, especially in cover-2 and trap flat coverages. I'm very good at off-ball man and can fit into any defense and it’s schemes."

Q: Senior season at Murray State this year, but I wonder, why choose Murray State over Bethune-Cookman? Was there one thing that put it over the top?

NW: "Coaches showed more love. They made house visits and showed me that they wanted me. They just didn’t talk about it."

Q: Awesome, man. So you said the goal is All-American this year but what's the dream after college as a 2020 prospect?

NW: "I would love to go play in the NFL. I am a journalism major with a minor in sports communication. So I would love to sports debate and be a sports analyst, sports writer, or be a radio personality."

Q: As a fellow fan who eats, sleeps, and breathes sports that's a great path to go down. Last question, what makes Nigel Walton stand out why do you belong on an NFL roster in 2020?

NW: "I am a versatile player, able to play nickel, boundary, or field corner. I can play special teams. I just want to win and when given the opportunity I will capitalize on it."

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