Player Interview : Dorsey Norris

By Brady Spegal |
Player Interview : Dorsey Norris

Brady and RosterGuy recently had a chance to speak to former North Alabama safety Dorsey Norris.  Thanks for your time, Dorsey.  Make sure to follow him on Twitter @DBU_DorseyUno .  And, check out our Q&A below.


Question : I noticed your player bio from college states you grew up in Hawaii? Is this correct? If so, how was it?  Are there limited football opportunities?

Dorsey Norris: “Yes sir, my mother spent 20+ years in the Army before she retired. We were fortunate enough to move to Hawaii when i was 7, and I stayed there up until I graduated high school. It was a blessing, I became a very multicultural person in all aspects. I enjoyed different music, different foods, learned about multiple cultures all while being able to go to the beach every day. Hawaii definitely has its great players. I wouldn’t say the opportunity is limited, I would say if you aren’t at a major school like Punahou, Kahuku, or St. Louis it’s hard to get recruited unless you visit camps in other states during the summer time, for sure. The game in Hawaii is definitely all about being physical, and never backing down from anyone, and I’m thankful that I gained that mindset.  Not just in football but in life in general. If there’s something I want, I’ll do what I have to do to get it.”

Q: Have you been in contact with any pro teams/had any workouts with them?

DN: “No, sir.  Lately, it’s all about getting my Spring League film out and seeing whatever doors opens for me from there. I’ve spoken to a few professional scouts after sending out my film, and there’s been some interest. But at this time it’s more of just preparing on my end and making sure I’m ready if I’m blessed with an opportunity.”

Q: What made you decide to transfer to North Alabama from Southwestern College?

DN: "Coming out of junior college, I had some interest from schools like UNLV, Boise State, Kansas State, Kansas, but none offered me at the moment. When I took my visit to North Alabama, I fell in love with the tradition of being a division 2 powerhouse. I also felt as if it was a program that would fully welcome me and invest in me getting to the next level which was the ultimate goal after getting my degree."

Q: I noticed you played multiple different positions in high school? How many did you play and what made you chose your current position?

DN: “Going into high school, I always knew I was going to play safety. For some reason, it was just a natural position for me as if I saw the field at an early age. My junior year, I was all state at safety and wide receiver and played corner and was a punt returner also. Then my senior year, I took on a lot by playing safety, some corner, some OLB, punt returner, kick returner, threw a few TDs at quarterback and started at wide receiver. Going into college, I spoke with my coach from high school and he said although I was all state at WR, he felt I had the most potential at safety. I had a lot of faith in him so I spent my whole summer working on my footwork to become the best safety I could be when reporting to camp.”

Q: Who's are your biggest mentors in your life?

DN: "My biggest mentors for sure are my parents, with my mom being in the military and my dad having time in the military I can say they’ve taught me resiliency and accountability not just in football, but in life. I would definitely say my coach at UNA Coach Farris has helped me become the player I am, along with my high school coaches Sidney Patton and Matthew Manuma and Coach Anderson. They’ve always pushed me and believed in me when I didn’t believe in myself.  Players like Maurice Carnell, who was with the Saints for mini-camp and Toronto for pre-season in the CFL, and Chris Johnson, who’s arguably one of the best small school draft prospects of the 2019 draft, have helped me along the way. With those two, I’ve put in countless extra hours of studying football and extra hours doing drills behind the scenes which has made me the player I’ve become and want to be."

Q: Who's the toughest person you've had to match up against?

DN: "I’ve played against/with a lot of great offensive players such as Luis Perez (QB for the Eagles now), Sergio Bailey (WR for the Bucs), Tim Patrick (WR for the Broncos), Dre Hall, D’Angelo Bowie, the list could go on. But as far as a safety to tight end match up, I would for sure give my respects to Kyle Self of Central Washington. Going into the game I think he was leading the nation as a TE for touchdown receptions, and I had to show that I can cover athletic tight ends. It was great to match up against him. During that game, he only had 2 receptions for a total of 13 yards."

Q: If you could model your game after one current or former player who would that be and why?

DN: "I would for sure say I love to model my game after Kam Chancellor. A safety who’s overlooked due to not running your extremely fast 40 time, being bigger than your average safety for sure. I’d say I model my game after him because like any great safety it comes down to being a field general with great instincts. Making your presence be known whether you’re playing deep half, or in the box. It’s about always wanting to get to the ball and make a play, whether you’re enforcing the run game or putting fear in WR/TEs' minds to come across the middle. I’ve always been a fan of his game because like mine it comes with a lot of passion and tenacity to help your team win by any means necessary."


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