Prospect Interview: Eldrick Wilson, Defensive Tackle - Mars Hill University

By Adam L'Heureux |
Prospect Interview: Eldrick Wilson, Defensive Tackle - Mars Hill University

Player Name: Eldrick Wilson
College: Mars Hill University
Position: Defensive Line
Height: 6'3"
Weight: 290 lbs.
Hometown: Homestead, FL
Twitter: @Ewilsonlive


@LHeureuxAdamFirst off, introduce yourself. How long have you played the game and what led you to Mars Hill?

"My name is Eldrick Wilson from Homestead, Florida. I’ve been playing football for a while. Began organized when I was 10, played for 2 years, then stopped until I got back in 9th grade and played ever since. My first school out of high school was a D2 in Oklahoma, Northwestern Oklahoma State University. Stayed there for 2 years, then transferred out after a coaching staff change, then sat out for a year seeking different schools as I got my associate's degree from Tallahassee Community College.

"After I decided to attend Florida A&M University and walk on to the football team, but they informed me I’d have one year to play for them so I looked elsewhere again and had a friend at Mars Hill playing receiver who talked to coaches for me and my brother who plays the same position as me and they said they wanted us a part of the team."

Oh, wow. Sounds like you've had quite the journey to get to where you are. Whether an NFL player, college player, or teammate, is there anyone you model your game after?

"Yeah it’s been a long journey. Geno Atkins."

Great choice. I go to school in Cincinnati and I've seen in person what a monster he is. Do you have a pre-game/locker room playlist? If so, what would I find on it?

"Wide range of people from Future, Young Thug, YB Puerto Rico, NBA YoungBoy, Rod Wave. Just anything that’s gonna get me feeling good and ready to go out there and perform."

Very nice. Love me some Young Thug. From what I saw on the Mars Hill website, it seems like your number was initially 95. What led to your switch? Do you feel a connection to your new number (58) or any particular jersey number?

"I’ve had the number 58 since I was in high school. When I first got to Mars Hill, someone else had it so I had to wait to get the number back. It’s just always been a cool number to me."

That's awesome, man. That was my high school number too. Outside of NWOSU, were you recruited to any other schools?

"No, not really. Played out of position in high school, so I was considered undersized for the most part. Huge growth spurt first year in college."

Were you still a defensive tackle in high school?

"No, I played offensive tackle and some DT."

Ah, nice. Speaking of offensive tackle, one notable Mars Hill alumnus who Colts fans should recognize is Denzelle Good. I know he’s a tad before your time there, but have you ever had the chance to meet him?

"Yes. I met Denzelle a few times. He’s a real cool dude and is always coming back and giving knowledge to the players."

That's awesome to hear. What do you think you bring to your team now? What would you bring to a pro team?

"I feel I bring versatility being able to be plugged in different fronts and being productive in each one, along with someone you can hold accountable and not have to worry about doing their job. I feel I’m a role model teammate that you can rely on out of football as well as on the field."

I watched your highlight tape and "versatile" really sums it up. I saw you make plays both heads up with the center and as more of a traditional defensive tackle (that tape will be linked below for readers). What, if anything, would you like to improve on?

"I want to improve on pass rushing and getting better hips and hands so that I can be more of a game changer."

I respect it. Pass rush from the interior seems to be getting more and more important. What are your off-the-field hobbies?

"Off the field, I’m probably listening to music and on YouTube watching videos about history or football. Or watching some anime."

Love it. Alright man, final question. What should people know about Eldrick Wilson?

"Not afraid to work and get after it every day, will give you 100% every down, and will make an impact to the team every day I step out to play or practice."

Fantastic. It's been a blast talking to you. Good luck this upcoming season and beyond.

"Thank you. I appreciate the interview."




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