Prospect Interview: Trey Merritt III, DB - Northwestern Oklahoma State

By Nick Melillo |
Prospect Interview: Trey Merritt III, DB - Northwestern Oklahoma State

Player Name: Trey Merritt III
College: Washburn, Northwestern Oklahoma State
Position: Defensive Back
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 200 lbs.
Hometown: St. Louis, MO
Twitter: @Already_Proven


@CircleCity21: Tell me about the hometown. Where are you from, man?

"I was born and raised in the inner city of St. Louis, Missouri. St. Louis is known to be a rough city, but it has always and forever been home for me."

How did you start into football?

"My dad signed me up to play youth football at the age of 6 and I fell in love with the game ever since. I always played 2 years up and never with my age, so that made me tough at a young age."

That sure is trial by fire playing with the bigger guys. So where did you play your H.S. ball?

"My parents wanted the best for me and I attended private school at Westminster Christian Academy, but when money was a struggle, I transferred back to my public school and graduated from Hazelwood West High."

You played ball at both? Or just Hazelwood? Also, what positions did you play in H.S.?

"I played ball at both. I played primarily RB in high school. It wasn’t until college when I got converted to safety."

What offers did you have after H.S.?

"Austin Peay, Iowa, Florida International, Northwestern Missouri, UCM, Washburn University and a couple other mid-majors."

Who did you end up going with and why did you choose that school?

"I had some grade issues due to the transformation from public to private, but I originally signed with Washburn University right out of high school and played 2 seasons as a true freshman and sophomore."

So you started playing safety at Washburn? Those 2 years at Washburn, what were those like?

"Yes I did! They were pretty fun. I got a chance to meet some good people and life-long friends. I also got a chance to play some good talent like Pittsburgh State (the #3 D2 school at the time in 2015), Northwestern Missouri State (#1 D2 team at the time and back-to-back national champs) and even played in a bowl game!"

Where did you go play after that? How long did you play there?

"I transferred to Northwestern Oklahoma State, played 2 years. I started there for 2 seasons, my junior and senior years."

You most recently played Arena Football, the Oklahoma Flying Aces, correct?

"Yes I did. It definitely was a great experience and had a chance to play against some players who played or had shots in the NFL. Our team wasn’t that good, but we always competed. Just ran into some dilemmas with being a new first-year organization."

So tell me about your game. What do you bring to the turf and who do you model your game after?

"I am a big, tough safety with great feet. I bring the boom when I tackle and good at covering big TEs and slot receivers. I have great motor and bring a relentless effort to the turf. My all-time favorite player is Sean Taylor, but I like to model my game after Earl Thomas and how he is able to cover the whole field. But, I also like to bring a little Kam Chancellor, how he is physical player!"

R.I.P. #21 was one of the greatest to play the position.

"There will never be another. I watch film on him all the time."

So what's your goal, man? What's next for you? NFL? XFL?

"My ultimate goal is to make it to the NFL, but if other opportunities like XFL or even CFL come around, I would be honored just to keep playing the game I love."

Then my last question is simple. Why does Trey Merritt III belong on that field?

"Trey Merritt belongs on the field because I bring qualities to the field that can help any time, such as mental and physical toughness, high IQ and outstanding work effort! If given a shot, I will definitely turn heads and will not disappoint no team."




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