Prospect Interview: Jaron Moorer, WR - Clarion University

By Brady Spegal |
Prospect Interview: Jaron Moorer, WR - Clarion University

Player Name: Jaron Moorer
College: Clarion University 
Status: Free Agent
Position: Wide Receiver
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 170 lbs.
Hometown: Rochester, NY
Twitter: @slotmoorerchine


@MrSportsLeak: Could you introduce yourself and describe your background?

"My name is Jaron Moorer and I'm from Rochester, NY. I attended Edison Tech HS where I played football, 2x All-League at cornerback and ran track, where I was All-League and All-Greater Rochester.

Coming out of high school, were you highly recruited and why did you take the route you did? 

"Out of high school in 2011, I wasn't highly recruited. Coming from the inner city at the time, it was hard getting your games recorded. Also, colleges don't take Western New York football seriously, so it's a bunch of diamonds in the rough that goes unnoticed.

"I ended up going to a D3 school at first because the coach came to my school and it was an hour away in Buffalo and he really liked me. Plus, the track coaches came too, so that was a plus. But after a semester, I knew that wasn't for me so I transferred to University at Buffalo for 2 years, first running track, then switching to football. Once I realized they weren't going to allow me to play, I transferred to Clarion U of PA and switched to WR because I felt that would be my better pro position."

After watching your film, I’m really impressed by your footwork and route running ability. What do you consider to be your biggest strength? 

"I'd consider my biggest strength to honestly be my durability. Well, it would be tied with my speed and agility. For years, I've heard that I was too small to play on any level, but I have survived all years of football from ages 8 to now 26 without missing but 2 games overall."

Who’s your biggest mentor in life and why?

"I actually have a few mentors from HS track coaches to my CTC (Changing the Community) coaches, but my biggest mentor and influence is my cousin Cliff. Growing up, he used to show me so much about life and still to this day he always tells me, the NFL is calling your name."

Who’s the toughest cornerback you’ve went up against in your career? 

"The toughest CB that I ever went up against? I cant remember his name, but he played for Slippery Rock. He was really good in the press, even though I wasn't always the target. Just releasing off the line was always a back-and-forth battle."

What do you bring to a team on and off the field, as well as to the fan base itself?

"For the team, on the field, I bring hunger, a never-give-up attitude. Throughout HS, my team was never good. We would always lose games. College my junior year we were bad, and my Arena Team was bad, but I always preached that no matter what it's still someone lining up on the other side of you, so either you can give up and let him win every play until game over or you can battle.

"Off the field, and to the fan base, I can bring positivity, and respect, for the fans, specifically to the younger kids who were also told they were too little or not big enough. Not by guys who are now 6'3, 250 saying that's what they were told when they were in 8th grade. I can really be the presence showing them that I never gave up at all."




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