Prospect Interview: Tyler Basch, K - Missouri Western State University

By Brady Spegal |
Prospect Interview: Tyler Basch, K - Missouri Western State University

Player Name: Tyler Basch
College: Missouri Western State University
Status: Free Agent
Position: Kicker
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 195 lbs.
Hometown: Papillion, Neb
Twitter: @TylerBasch


@MrSportsLeak: Could you introduce yourself and take us down your football journey? How did you end up in your current situation? 

"My name is Tyler Basch. I just finished up the last season of college football with Missouri Western State University. I graduated with a degree in Economics. I started my football career with Wayne State College where I played my redshirt freshman year before transferring to Missouri Western and becoming the starting kicker. "

Who’s a current or former kicker you model your game after?

"I would say I model my game after Adam Vinatieri. The man is clutch when he is needed and is someone I strive to compete with." 

What’s your longest field goal made in a game? 

"My longest field goal I’ve made in a game was 58 yards. I made this in our bowl game my senior year, which tied Greg Zuerlein’s record at Missouri Western."

Do you think you could handle kickoffs for a team? 

"I absolutely think I could handle kickoffs for a team."

Who are some of your mentors in life? 

"I have many mentors in my life, stemming from football, business, and work. My head coach, Matt Williamson, is someone I know I can trust to keep me focused. I have my father who continues to keep me motivated and organized, and I have mentors I’ve met through business that have introduced me to all kinds of ways to grow as a person as well as an athlete."

What do you bring to a team on and off the field?

"What I bring to a team is someone that is focused, hardworking, and reliable. I will put in the work to ensure that when I hear the “field goal” call in a game, I give my team the ability to trust me on the field to do my job.  Off the field, I am someone that people can trust to be a great representation of the organization I represent at all times."


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